What To Know About Crystals (Natural Stones)?

Let’s start by understanding crystals by their physical formation: solid substances formed by the “regular aggregation of particles.” And as scientific as this may sound, this is where it all starts. Crystals have all this beauty and fame because of their extraordinarily symmetrical and perfect molecular bonds, which took millions of years to form.

These are substances that, due to very powerful physicochemical interferences, were “crystallized.” Thus, it is possible to imagine the amount of time, pressure, temperature, and natural energy it took to become the beautiful stones we know today. The different colors, textures, and shines consequences of the different chemical and physical properties.

What Is The Controversy Involved? Is It Myth Or Truth?

Crystals have been used for healing and energy balance for a long time. However, there is a lot of controversy regarding the actual efficiency of the method. Scientists claim to have no proof, and the stones are not considered within the scope of traditional medicine. Still, the number of people who claim to be cured, moved, and modified by the use of crystals is undeniable.  So, although there are questions from science, society has a lot of desire and need for alternative cures. This is where the crystals come in as tools that help search for energy balance and healing.

There are also many spiritual beliefs related to crystals that will never be explained by science. This is not a text for or against, but with all parameters, in an attempt to leave free to believe in the power of crystals or even seek to answer more questions.

Does It Replace Traditional Medicine?

Another critical point to be discussed is whether crystals, entitled as alternative medicine, can replace traditional medicine. The answer is that everything is valid for your health to be in the best possible condition. Therefore, abandoning traditional medicine once it is scientifically proven will not be a good path. It is best to use everything in harmony.

What Are The Main Crystals?

There are many types of crystals at stone center. Some are better known as Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Jade. The important thing is to understand that each one has a different specificity and necessary care, both for the energetic field and practical, such as cleaning. Therefore, be careful and research before using the stones; not all can be close to the heart or should be used daily.

Stones are commonly distinguished by color. And this is due to its chemical formation: the combinations of some elements generate the pink of the Rose Quartz or the black of the Black Tourmaline, for example.

What Are The Main Uses?

The crystals can be used in everyday life, in different rooms of your house, or carried in your purse. And of course, necklaces, earrings, rings, and other jewelry are very common. These are the forms of daily therapies. But they are also used by therapists, in meditative practices, and even as a skincare routine.

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