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Family-friendly decor tips

Running a household with kids is all about functionality. You always need some extra storage space, modified furniture so kids can use them, safety measures, etc. However, this doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t look nice. Some décor styles will fit into the family-friendly atmosphere, making your home both beautiful and practical. Here are some family-friendly décor tips you can try out in the next remodeling adventure.

Open floor plan concept

The open floor plan is a popular home feature not only among families with kids. It opens the space up, makes it more enjoyable, gives a modern feel, and simply connects the rooms. When it comes to family-friendly décor tips, an open floor plan in your kitchen, dining room and living room area helps you be more productive. You can do your daily chores but also keep an eye on your kids at all times. This makes the space a lot safer, as parents can be more relaxed when their young ones are within sight. Open floor concept sometimes involves removing a wall, but very often it’s about rearranging your furniture.

Wall art

Adding art to your wall can give that special touch to every room and is the first step of family-friendly décor.. And when it comes to families with kids – you can get unique art pieces for free. Consider framing your kids’ art pieces and making a unique gallery wall in your dining room or on the wall next to your stairs. It can be an interesting project you do together, making the most out of the family time. Also, you can add some bright prints to the gallery and reflect your family’s cheerfulness. These can be easily found online, in magazines, etc. helping you decorate your home on a budget.

Replace your coffee table with a cool ottoman

If your home has toddlers or babies as residents, you’ll find that security always goes in front of the beautiful home. Coffee tables often have sharp edges, which makes them a dangerous spot for little ones learning how to walk. Instead of installing protectors and ruining your coffee table, why don’t you replace it with a stylish ottoman? These have soft edges, can serve as a coffee table, and will be the perfect support for your young ones walking around.

Kid-furniture in neutral colors

Very often, homes with kids look like a preschool. Furniture made for kids is often bright-colored and doesn’t match the rest of your furniture. Ain interesting family-friendly décor tip is to paint these items into neutral colors, so they easily blend in the décor of the room. This way, your young ones will have their own space without disrupting your décor style.

Have a designated space for play

The biggest trouble of family-friendly homes is that toys and other kids’ items are everywhere. It can be frustrating for parents not to be able to stay organized in this mess. That’s why you should try to make a designated space for your young ones to play at. If you have a two-floors home, and your kids already have their rooms upstairs, make sure you create a play space downstairs, too. It doesn’t need to be too big, but it should include some storage space for toys, a cozy rug, and a shelf for their favorite books. You can also get a teepee, to be a perfect hideaway for your young ones. However, if kids have their play zone – adults should have one, too. Don’t forget to create a designated space for adults only. It can be a reading nook, for example. The most important part – it should be a toy-free zone.

Bonus tip: If all toys are around the house all the time, your kids may get bored with them. That’s why it’s best to ‘hide’ a number of them for a while, so your kids can forget about them.  After a while, bring those toys again, but hide another portion. This way, they’ll always have some ‘fresh’ toys around, and be more interested in them. If you don’t have extra storage at your home, use a rented storage unit to keep the toys easily accessible and clean. Furthermore, you can use it for seasonal clothes, hobby items – anything you don’t need at all times.

Use books as decoration

Books can b an amazing piece of decoration – even those for kids. Bright covers of kids’ books can be a pretty addition to a bookshelf. You can arrange them in different ways and create an interesting gallery. These will also be more attractive to your kids, and they will reach them more often. Also, if you create a kids’ reading nook next to it, you can develop amazing reading habits at an early age, which will be very helpful once they start school.

Moving to a new home? Have a family-friendly relocation

It takes energy and nerves to relocate your family from one home to another. To get to home décor and organizing, you need to plan your move first. If you’re about to go through a relocation, do everything you can to make it an easy process for you and your kid. There’s a lot to think about, which can lead to stress and mistakes. So, to have a smooth move, make sure you:

  • talk to your family about the move – regardless of the age of your kids, they need to be aware of what’s going on. Babies and toddlers might not yet react, but older kids can experience negative feelings so you need to be understanding and supportive;
  • have enough time to prepare – nothing beats moving stress more than a proper, on-time organization. Make sure you have enough time to do everything until the big day, so start your preparations early.
  • save enough money – lack of money is the biggest cause of stress when moving with kids. Don’t forget to plan your moving budget and save enough money for the big day.
  • get help – don’t do everything on your own, even though you feel you can do it. Don’t forget to ask family and friends to help you out, hire movers to deal with the transport, etc. This will help you avoid being overwhelmed and low on energy – which is not an option when you’re moving with kids.

We’re sure that these family-friendly decor tips will give you some ideas on how to change the look of your home without too much effort. However, there’s one condition – you and your family need to enjoy the process, as well as the results!

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