What Are The Most Popular Flooring Types In New Homes?

It is a common misconception that wood flooring is the only type of flooring found in new homes. Most newly constructed homes will have hardwood or tile instead. These are not the only options, though. Composite flooring is also available, but its most popular type is vinyl.

Vinyl is the most popular flooring in new homes, as well as the least expensive. This is because it’s easy to install and durable. But, it still requires regular maintenance, such as dusting and sweeping every so often.

The number one selling flooring type in new homes is vinyl tile

No longer are wood floors the only option in new homes. Vinyl flooring is the latest trend, and it’s easy to install and maintain. In addition, you’ll find it to be a solid investment for both your home and budget. That’s why vinyl is the most popular type of flooring in new homes.

Vinyl flooring is a solid investment for both your home and your budget

Hardwood floors look nice but are too expensive for many people to afford. Cork flooring is excellent for areas where water is present, and vinyl can be found in just about any design imaginable.

In addition to wood being the most expensive, it’s also the hardest to install. It’s certainly not difficult for a licensed professional, but it can be a struggle for an amateur with little experience.

Vinyl flooring makes it easy to hide stains and dents from children or pets

Pet urine is one common stain that is nearly impossible to remove from wood floors. Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for families that have pets. Vinyl is easy to wipe down and keep clean. It’s also easier to conceal minor dents or dings than it is with wood floors.

When the kids get a little too rough with their playtime, it’s easier to wipe up their mess with vinyl than with wood. It’s sturdy and won’t warp or crack if something is spilled on it.

You’ll find many styles of vinyl flooring to choose from

It’s easy to find a style and design that will work best in your home. There are many different patterns and colors, as well as sizes and shapes.

A few words on tile flooring and its uses

Tile floors are very popular. In fact, most tile flooring is seen in kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s also an excellent choice for entryways and hallways. It’s a great option for wet areas of the home where you have to worry about moisture, such as showers and basements.

Cork is another popular choice

Cork flooring is an excellent alternative to hardwood. It’s resilient and can be used in just about any location. It’s waterproof, easy to maintain, and inexpensive. It’s also easy to install and replace if damaged.

There are many options, but vinyl still is the most popular

There are quite a few different types of flooring, but vinyl is still an industry leader. It’s easy to maintain, and there are lots of different styles and designs to choose from. It will look great in any room in your home, and it’s a smart choice for tight budgets.

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