Must have features for your luxury home

By Tamara Stepanovic

Watching TV shows, we often fantasize about how we would decorate our homes. But when you buy a house or build one, you’re usually left with bare pockets. If you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have a budget to think about, buckle up. If you’re lacking ideas, we’re here for you. Here are some must have features for your luxury home.

Luxury homes

The personification of a luxury home isn’t just a fully furnished home. Though nowadays even that is considered a luxury. But it’s rather the feeling of being spoiled by the house amenities and functions. Remember when you were younger and you fantasized about the features of your luxury house? Simplest things, like having a pool in your backyard. Or a game room where you could bring your friends. Or just to not have to get out of your warm bed to turn off the lights at night? You know that thing when you just clap your hands instead and it turns off? Magic. And why wouldn’t you have it? At least some of them. Think big. Think extreme extravagance. Why not?

Hire professionals to make your dreams come true

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Must have features for your luxury home

Not every one of us is the same, and not every one of us dreams of and wants the same things. But we made a list of what we think are the must have features if you want your house to be considered a luxury. So let’s begin.

A phone in a hand next to a door lock
Turn your home into a smart home

Security system

First of all, and the most important thing of all. You want to make sure that your home is safe and sound. If your house is considered a luxury, that suggests that you have a lot of nice and valuable stuff in there. That can attract unwanted attention. And that’s why more and more people pay a lot of money to keep their family and home safe from break-ins and intruders. Nowadays, there are modern systems that provide direct 24/7 security professionals. After all, your peace has no price, right? So get a security system, and sleep like a baby.

Smart home features

When we say luxury, lots of people think of smart homes. Smart homes are the ones that are outfitted with appliances and equipment that can be controlled remotely and automated.

Some of the top smart features that you can upgrade your luxury home with are:

  • motion sensor lighting/lights set on a timer or respond to an activity (as we mentioned, clapping out of the bed)
  • security cameras you can view online
  • whole-home speaker system
  • modern electrical outlets
  • heated floors
  • curtains that open and close at sunrise or sunset

A perfect kitchen

Every luxury home needs an open and organized kitchen. Like those in the movies, in the heart of the house. Where your friends can sit and enjoy with you. Instead of you being closed in a kitchen and out of sight. So here are some must have features for your luxury home kitchen:

Enjoy your cooking in a custom-made kitchen!

A grey granite opened kitchen with a kitchen island and stools is one of the must have features in your luxury home

  • plenty of counter space (granite and quartz countertops are preferable)
  • kitchen island with bar stools
  • under-cabinet lighting
  • kitchen nook
  • high-quality appliances
  • double oven
  • walk-in pantry

Have in mind that many homebuyers won’t even look at the house if it doesn’t have a chef’s kitchen.

Personal space

Every one of us needs a place to take some time for ourselves and relax. Imagine what you want in a place when you go on vacation. Then transfer it to your home. Why not have the best even when you’re staying at your house? Here are some suggestions:

  • expansive master bedroom – when the end of the day comes, you want to throw yourself in your warm king-sized bed with perfect beddings
  • open floor spaces with high ceilings and big windows – what says rich and classy better than bright spacious rooms with high ceiling
  • spa room – this is where you go to get away from everything, so you don’t want to spare and cut corners
  • walk-in shower – perfect ivory tiles, full body jets, and perfect water pressure. Unless you’re more of an enjoy-a-hot-bath kind of a person
  • walk-in closet – a walk-in closet is something you should add if you wanna feel like a real movie star
  • large dressing room – customized to suit your needs, where you can place all of your shoes, accessories, clothes, and of course mirrors

Rooms for fun

After a hard day, everybody needs some leisure time. That’s why we added some fun to your luxury home:

  • a home bar – what better than a couple of drinks with your friends, make some cocktails, show off a bit
  • a bowling alley
  • a library
  • home theater – this is a must, MUST have. You can even add popcorn and candy and soda machine to be authentic
  • playroom for kids
  • game room

Outdoor spaces

How you spend your time outside is as much important as it is inside. And there is more to outside than just freshly mowed lawn. So here are some ideas on how to improve our outdoor space:

  • a custom pool – obviously, the bigger the better
  • outdoor kitchen and sitting lounge
  • spa/bathtub
  • sports area – tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, whatever you prefer
  • oversized garage – make some sort of a man cave where you can display your cars and memorabilia

Luxury features

Some of the not so must have features, but yet preferable if you want your home to be truly considered luxurious.

  • hidden rooms
  • safe room
  • a wine cellar or a wine room
  • in-laws detached house – no matter how much you love them, you still want some peace

If you can dream it, it can be designed

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from having your dream house. We wrote down just a few suggestions on what are the must have features for your luxury home. There are endless options to be discovered. And since we are the masters of our happiness, we recommend giving rein to your imagination and enjoy!


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