What is the Most Popular Hardwood Floor Stain Colour?

Choosing a hardwood floor stain colour is one of the important decisions you must make when using hardwood flooring for your property. Your preferred floor stain will affect the overall appearance of your home. Hence, you must be careful when choosing an option.

However, to be on the safer side, you can select the most popular hardwood floor stain colour. Therefore, what is the most popular hardwood floor stain colour? What are the other hardwood flooring stain colours available? Let’s answer these questions below.

Dark wood floor stain is the most popular option

Based on the choice of many homeowners, dark hardwood floor stain is the most popular colour. The stain gives your home a contemporary look that makes the wood grain to be less noticeable.

Dark hardwood flooring stain is quite popular for many reasons such as:

·       It offers contrast and depth

If your cabinetry, interior walls, and furnishings are light coloured, only dark wood floor stain can offer you the right contrast and depth. This colour fills your home with some forms of richness.

·       It often lasts long

When compared to light hardwood floor stain colours, dark wood floor stain lasts longer. So, if you don’t intend to change your stain colour soon, go for dark hardwood floor stain colour.

·       It increases the resale value of a home

For those that want to sell their home now or later, dark hardwood floor stain colour is an exceptional option. This is because most potential homebuyers are usually drawn towards dark hardwood floor stain colour. As a result of this, this stain will increase your home’s resale value and probably make the home easier and faster to sell.

·       It is easier to repaint

Touching up dark hardwood floor stain colour doesn’t require much stress. Also, you will likely spend a lesser amount of money on repainting dark hardwood flooring stains than other options.

It is important to understand that dark wood floor stain colour is available in various shades. The popular common options include:

·       Espresso

Overall, espresso seems to be the most popular dark hardwood flooring stain shade. This colour looks like a combination of ebony and Jacobean shades. Although espresso is brown, it is so dark that you may assume that it is black when viewing it from afar. Notably, espresso can be utilized for bringing some warmth into your home.

·       True black

True black is another popular choice for dark wood floor stain colour. It is often used for industrial spaces, but you can also install it in homes. Just make sure you use light-coloured furnishing and wall colours for your living space.

·       Ebony

Ebony is quite similar to espresso, but it is slightly cooler. It can serve as an impeccable alternative for individuals that don’t want to use espresso or true black for their home.

What are the other available options?

Even though dark hardwood floor stain colour is the most popular, there are other commonly used options. The alternatives include:

  • Light wood floor stain colours – Some of its hues include golden oak, grey, pine, off-white, etc.
  • Red toned stains – Popular options are red oak, English chestnut, mesquite red, red mahogany, golden pecan, Sedona red and colonial maple.
  • Brown wood floor stain colours – Walnut, mahogany, and cherry are great hues to consider.

Would you like to go for the most popular hardwood floor stain colour? Or do you prefer one of its alternatives?

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