Essential Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Skip

Hiring the right skip is a daunting task if you haven’t gone through it ever before. But not anymore, as with the help of this post you will be guided with the right steps you need to go for Sutton skip hire. In this post, we have mentioned the simple tips any beginner should consider for Banstead skip hire.

Different Types Of Wastes That You Can Put In A Skip

One of the simplest ways to answer this question is to list down the things and the type of materials that cannot be put in the skip.

Mentioned in the list of the materials that cannot be disposed of in skip hire Sutton.

  • Batteries
  • Freezers, fridges and conditioning units
  • Medical or hospital waste
  • Chemicals, hazardous and toxic materials
  • Vehicles parts and tires
  • Electronic appliances and equipment
  • Liquidy waste

Be careful that if any restricted item is found when the Banstead skip hire is emptied, you will most likely get charged with a penalty. The skip hire may even return you the restricted and damaged items. Therefore, we would suggest keeping a sharp eye on your skin as people from your neighboring area can put the unwanted waste in your skip. This will eventually make you responsible for putting such trash in your skip.

The Ultimate Skip Size That You Should Hire

There is no fixed size of the Sutton skip hire, as the default size of the skip hire depends on the amount of waste and the amount of space you have to set the skip. Also, remember that the larger the skip, the cheaper it is per cubic/meter. Ensure that you have the right and enough amount of waste to fill the entire skip. Keep in mind that the public councils do not allow larger skips so that they do not occupy much space on the highway.


Now as you know the basic things you need t to consider before you go for Banstead skip hire. Make sure you go with the right prices rather than paying higher. The skip prices differ substantially due to the range of factors that include the type and size of the skip. The average essential cost of the eight to ten-yard ship is around $350, including VAT. Also, make sure that you have a skip license before you even get it from the council to avoid all the types of unwanted disputes.

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