How to Maintain the Beauty and Integrity of your Marble and Granite Surfaces

Marble and granite are known for adding beauty and functionality to your home. But you must be ready to maintain the surface well if you are to appreciate their beauty. You spend quite some time trying to pick the perfect granite and marble to suit your countertop needs or to install in your kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, you cannot overlook the small amount of time needed to maintain the surfaces so that you can continue enjoying the beauty of these natural stones. Knowing how to take care of your marble and granite surfaces will go a long way in ensuring the stone’s longevity. Certain practices will help you maintain your natural stone to serve you for a long time.

Know What Can Harm Your Stone

You need to be aware of what can harm your stone and use preventative measures if you want it to last. Whether it is your floor, wall, or countertops, all stone surfaces have three things that can harm them.

  • Acidic or Alkaline Products

Many liquids such as alcoholic drinks, carbonated beverages, fruits, and vinegar are acidic, and they can affect the stone surface. Also, most household cleaners are alkaline, which is the opposite of acids, but they are also not very friendly to stone surfaces.

  • Scratches

Scratches caused by foot traffic, moving hard items like furniture, vacuum cleaners, especially hard abrasion cleaners or wheels, can cause harm to your granite and marble surfaces.

  • Stains

Stains can be caused by foodspills and containers standing for longperiods on your stone surface. Knowing how to clean the surface to avoid damaging it is the most important step in maintaining your stone surface.

Outdoor Maintenance

Marble and granite are porous stones, and they can absorb several substances, which may eventually destroy the beauty of the stone. Some of the products that may affect your stone are de-icers. When you use the de-icer to melt the ice, it may penetrate the stone and affect its durability.

However, if you have granite or marble surfaces in and around your home, you should not get discouraged from using de-icers. The only thing you need is to make sure you use the right ones. Liquid ice melts are fast-acting, which you can use to remove ice and prevent its accumulation on the surface. The best thing about these products is that they melt the ice without leaving any harmful film on the surface. You can use liquid Ice Melt on any surface, including granite, marble, and concrete.


Before using anystone care products, it is important to make sure that you understand and follow the instructions on proper use. Ensure you know your surface, what can affect the surface, and what you can do to protect the surface from damages. Finally, make sure everything you use on the stone is proven to be granite or marble friendly.

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