Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses When to Install a Commercial Plumbing Access Panel


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the importance of installing a commercial plumbing access panel cannot be understated since they enable easy access to the bathroom plumbing such as drains, valves, and more when they need to be inspected for repairs and maintenance. Plumbing inspections should be a regular activity to maintain the health of the plumbing system in the building and plumbing access panels facilitate this activity.

Now, let’s look at when you should install a commercial plumbing access panel and other related queries that many people have.

When should a commercial plumbing access panel be installed?

Commercial plumbing access panels should be installed during the installation stages of the plumbing system in the house or apartment for safety and convenience reasons. If plumbing access panels are not installed during that plumbing installation stage, it can create a lot of problems. For instance, in case of any plumbing emergencies, plumbing professionals might need to tear down walls to locate the source of the plumbing issues and fix the problems.

Thus, it is recommended that you install plumbing access panels at your home at the earliest following the installation of the plumbing system.

What are the different types of plumbing access panel doors?

Plumbing access panel doors are available in a wide range of style and size choices. Thus, it is important to learn about the different types of plumbing access panels before you install one.

Listed below are a few common plumbing access panel types:

  1. General purpose access panels – General purpose access panels are one of the most popular since they are suitable for both commercial and residential use in both exterior and interior walls and ceilings. Usually, general purpose access panels are installed to provide quick and safe access to pipes, valves, and wires.

These come with many features such as recessed frames, concealed hinges, blendable design, and flush installation options.

  1. Plumbing access doors – Plumbing access doors are installed in bathrooms under the sink or bathtub to provide easy access to the plumbing system in your house. These are utilized to enable easy access to plumbing maintenance, inspections, and repair. When choosing plumbing access doors, it is important to choose a suitable size that would fit where they need to be installed.
  1. Exterior access panels – Exterior access panels are installed at the exterior of the building to enable easy access to the plumbing, mechanical, or electrical systems outside the building. Such access panels are manufactured to be weather-proof and water resistant to withstand the harsh outside elements.
  1. Plumbing access hatch – Plumbing access hatch resembles a trap door and is installed in the ceilings to enable access to the plumbing system above. It is important to choose a variant that comes with a lock and latch security and choose the correct panel size to prevent problems in the future.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consult with a reputed access panel installation expert to understand how to choose a suitable commercial plumbing access panel door. They would also be able to install the access panels following the building codes and regulations so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

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