10 things buyers won’t like about your home

If you are planning to sell your home this year, you first need to think about how you are going to present your property to potential homebuyers. Even if the real estate market in your area is slow and you expect to sell your property fairly quickly, you might struggle with getting the right offers if you do not implement a few quick decorating tips to promote your home. For this reason, we will talk about 10 things buyers won’t like about your home so that you can be prepared to improve the appearance of your home before you list your home for sale.

So, introducing some changes to your home such as decorating your home with stylish home tech is a good way to shorten the process of selling your home. However, you can even profit from minor improvements. Take a look at our suggestions.

  1. Bad smells is something buyers won’t like about your home

There is nothing more revolting than going to a showing and smelling something bad in the house. So, before you try to put your home up for sale, be sure to get rid of any smells that might deter potential buyers. If you have a cat or a Labrador Retriever that sheds a lot, be sure to thoroughly vacuum the rooms and leave windows open for some time to let in fresh air. The same goes if you like to cook with unusual foods and spices.

Clean any dirt that is made by your pets.

two labrador retrievers in a field

If you are unsure if your home has retained some smell, be sure to ask a friend or a Realtor to go through the house so that you can have an unbiased nose evaluate the air. Once you are sure that nothing smells bad, you can buy some nice plants or a non-intrusive air freshener to improve the scent of your home. Smelling something nice in your home will leave a good impression on buyers and make them memorize your home more vividly.

Put some mild air fresheners to set the mood.

air fresheners and pink and white flowers

  1. Clean your home thoroughly

It is tricky to juggle your everyday life at work and deal with preparing your home for sale. If you have kids, this can be even trickier. Because you might be completely preoccupied, you might not notice that your home isn’t really spick and span as it should be. So, go into your bathroom and kitchen, and have a really good look at the walls and surfaces. If you do not have time to scrub these rooms you can pay someone to clean any crumbs, spills, and dirt that might be left over in the corners of your home.

It is best to do this after you relocate your furniture to your new place of residence. In that way you will be able to locate dirty spots that might be covered with your appliances, sofas, beds, or other items of furniture. If you need help with moving your furniture, be sure to call an experienced moving crew such as sosmovingla.net to help you with this task.

  1. Seeing mess is another thing buyers won’t like about your home

If you do not intend to move just yet, you can call buyers to look at the place while you are still living there. In this case, it is important to make the home look as presentable as possible. Buyers might find it hard to have a good look at the dimensions and ordering of rooms in your home if there is something that is drawing their attention. So, be sure to wash the dishes, clean any dirt or dust, get rid of spiderwebs, clothing or decoration that might stand in the way.

Keep your rooms clean and tidy.

a white living room and kitchen 

  1. Not having some welcoming and homely items to your home

In fact, while you are cleaning or tidying up, you can use this opportunity to embellish a few places in your home. There are a few simple interior decorating strategies that can noticeably improve the vibe of your home, no matter if your home is sizable or tiny. For instance, you can put in a bowl of fruit, a mirror, or a new carpet to make your home appear more homely or modern, depending on your preferences.

  1. Try to light up the rooms

If you are organizing showings in the daytime, be sure to remove any hard curtains before the buyers arrive. Also, make sure you open the shutters and let light and fresh air enter your home. Home interiors look much more inviting when there is a lot of light, which is why your home has a bigger chance to sell well.

If it’s cold outside and there is not a lot of sun, be sure to invest in a few good lamps to make your apartment shine and appear cozy and warm.

  1. Trim your plants or lawn

Since you want your place to be as tidy as possible to leave a good impression, take one afternoon and cut your lawn, trim any plants, hedges, or bushes that you might have, and put in some decorative elements such as a garden gnome or something similar.

  1. Remove any loud or distracting decoration

Since your taste for art and decoration might vary considerably in comparison to people coming in to look at your place. It is best if you remove all personal touches from the rooms. This means that you should remove any photos, paintings, and decoration that might be too distracting.

This is a good strategy to help the homebuyer visualize how the place might look like when they move in. This is easier to achieve if there are not any items that remind the home buyer of your family, lifestyle, or unique decorative elements. If you have time and the resources to do so, you can even paint your home into neutral colors, especially if your rooms are in bold, bright colors currently.

  1. Remove any wall to wall carpeting

If you intend to renovate your place before putting it up for sale, you might consider removing wall to wall carpeting in the hallways or any other rooms where you have this type of flooring. This is a large task, but making your floor appear nicer will attract buyers. If you are worried about the length of this home renovation, there are ways to store food and similar goods during this project so that you can keep it from going bad.

  1. Having a boring or neglected entryway is not a good way to attract homebuyers

First impressions matter and the first door or room your buyers see might make them judge your home based on what they see. For this reason, make sure that your front door or entryway are as inviting as possible. This will surely improve the overall impression that the buyers are left with, even if they cannot recall every single detail that they have seen.

  1. Don’t leave your pets in the home

If you have buyers coming in, do not leave your pets inside. Some of the people coming in might be allergic to animal hair. Some animals might be alarmed if there are people coming in. Also, some children might be afraid of dogs or cats, so it might be a better idea to let your neighbor look after your pet while there is a showing.

Hopefully this article helped you get an idea about what your possibly buyers won’t like about your home. Good look with selling your place!





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