Stage your Home so it Sells Fast

One of the best ways to guarantee that your home sells super-fast is by staging it to make sure it looks it’s absolute best. While you may think your lived-in style is just fine, or that people would prefer to see an empty space so they can envision their own items inside the home, this actually isn’t the case.

Designing a home to be staged for sale is a completely different technique than designing the home you’ll be living in for the next few years. Many people opt for hiring an interior designer to take on this task. However, that isn’t in everyone’s budget. So, here are some easy-to-follow tips for staging your home to make it sell fast!

Make Sure it’s Clean & Organized

The first and, arguably, most important step in staging your home for sale is making sure it’s clean and organized. Having clutter throughout the home not only blocks prospective buyers from seeing the whole space but makes them question how well you’ve taken care of the home during your ownership. Showing buyers a clean and organized space proves that you’re trustworthy sellers who are offering them a house that has been well-maintained.

Give the Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

You may not even realize how dingy your walls are looking until you add a fresh coat of paint. This instantly revives your whole house and makes it look brand new. When choosing a color, it’s best to go with something neutral and light. This not only makes the space appear cleaner and bigger but will appeal to the widest array of buyers. They’ll love walking through the house knowing they don’t have to repaint it before moving in.

Update Old Furniture Pieces

Any old or damaged furniture pieces should be replaced before showing the home to buyers. For example, if your sofa has seen better days, find a living room sectional sofa for a good price online. Sofas and beds are especially important pieces to keep nice since they’re often the focal point of whatever room they are in.

Emphasize the Open Space

Try not to fill the room with too much furniture or décor. It’s important to emphasize how much space your home has to offer, so buyers can picture the different ways they would like to use the space. Packing your home with too much stuff will make it appear smaller and less practical.

Steer Clear of Bold Choices

Go as bold as you’d like when designing your home to live in, but when it comes to staging a home for sale, safe choices are better. Sometimes buyers have a difficult time distinguishing between the home itself and the interior design, so try to choose things that are neutral and universal to appeal to most people.

Uncover the Windows

This is by far the easiest and quickest hack to making your home look more appealing to buyers. We’re all about maximizing natural light nowadays so uncover those windows!

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