What are the most common AC problems?

Improper operation is cited to be a common problem experienced by air conditioners. Before you switch on this appliance, make sure to close the doors and windows. It should be air tight to not allow cool air created by the AC to escape outside. But there are some common problems that will require immediate attention by the air conditioner repair specialist.

Common problems faced

Existing air conditioners may face common problems arising due to inadequate maintenance, poor service procedures and faulty installation. If the central AC is not installed properly, then it might result in low airflow and leaky ducts. The refrigerant charge might not match manufacturer specifications. In case during installation, there is not performed proper refrigerant charging, then the unit’s efficiency and performance gets impaired. Air conditioner repair might pose to be a problem especially if the refrigerant is already full. At times, identifying the issue with the refrigerant charging can pose to be a problem.

Inadequate maintenance

If air conditioning coils and filters get dirty, then the AC will fail to function properly. Moreover, the fans and compressor will also fail prematurely.

Refrigerant leaks

It could be that your AC unit has low refrigerant and needs filling. Either it has leaks or got undercharged during installation. If there are leaks, then there is no use adding refrigerant. You should call the well-trained air conditioner repair technician to identify the leak, fix it and charge the unit with appropriate refrigerant. Unit efficiency and performance is at the optimum if the refrigerant charge matches precisely manufacturer specification. Hence, it should be neither overcharged nor undercharged. Also, refrigerant leaks are termed to cause harm to the environment.

Sensor problems

The room ACs is generally designed with a thermostat sensor located just behind the main control panel. Its function is to measure air temperature entering the evaporative coil. In case the sensor is out of position then the AC is likely to behave erratically or cycle constantly. Sensor needs to be positioned close to the coil, however, should not touch it. Its position should be carefully adjusted by blending the wire holding it in its proper place.

Electric Control Failure

The fan controls and compressor might wear out with time, especially if the unit is frequently turned off and on. Again, terminal and wire corrosion is also cited to be a problem faced by many systems. The air conditioner repair company should be called to check the electrical contacts and connections.

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