Modern Seating Options Apart from Sofas

While designing your living room interiors, one of the first things that come to mind is choosing the ideal furniture pieces for the layout. With so many options available in the market, choosing the right furniture piece and placing it correctly can be difficult. From the size, design, shape to colour, fabric, and cushion type, there is a wide range of options to choose from. However, you should not be focusing just on looks. It should satisfy all your needs as well.

When talking about living room furniture, people immediately start thinking about a sofa. But, there are plenty of options available besides a sofa. Mentioned below are a few furniture pieces that you can opt for to make your room look unique and fresh:

01 of 07 Add a swing 

A swing is a great addition to the living room setup instead of a conventional sofa. Besides being the perfect item for your balcony or verandah, a swing works great in living room interiors. There are numerous options available in terms of colour, design, and material. You can easily find one that will blend in with your home decor idea. Also, your kids and other members of the family will enjoy sitting on it when you are not entertaining guests.

02 of 07 Accent chairs are a great addition

Accent chairs look perfect in living room interiors. There are various kinds of accent chairs available in the market. Depending on your needs and the style of your home decor, you should pick one. From comfortable armchairs and wingback chairs to attractive colours and unique prints, you will always have plenty of options available. These accent chairs are designed to enhance the visual appeal of your living room while offering more seating options.

03 of 07 Daybeds

If you are looking for unique seating options, you should consider choosing a daybed for your perfectly designed living room. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living room interior without compromising on sitting space. This is a perfect addition to living room designs that are small but require a lot of sitting space. Throw in a few pillows to make it even more comfortable for your guests. You can use it as a bed as well if required.

04 of 07 Heard of pouf seats?

If you do not know what pouf seats are, you are missing out on an amazing living room sitting furniture piece. These look exceptionally well in a casual or Bohemian home decor ideas. They are small in size and can be moved around and placed anywhere at your convenience. Pouf seats are similar to ottomans but feel like a puffed pillow. They are sofer and more lightweight and easily available in different colours and sizes. To feel more comfortable while sitting, you can use it as a place to rest your legs. At other times when you need more sitting space, you can use it as a cushion to sit on.

05 of 07 Ottomans

Ottomans are basically small stools with an artistic touch. They have been an integral element of various living room interiors for a very long time. These are small and easily moveable. You can use them like pouf seats to rest your legs or as a sitting space when you have a lot of guests over.

06 of 07 Choose an L-shaped sofa

Instead of buying traditional sofas, you should consider L-shaped sofas. They have the same function as regular sofas but their L-shape allows them to fit into corners smoothly and save more space. Utilising space properly in your living room is important so that you can add all the other necessary elements to the room.

07 of 07 Opt for a love seat

You can opt for a love seat for your living room interiors. These are 2 seater sofas that can easily fit even in small living room designs. Throw in some pillows to make it a more comfortable sitting space for your guests. You can add one to your bedroom as well.

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