Installing a Chandelier in your Kitchen? Here are 6 Ideas

Chandeliers have always received huge acclamation owing to their elegant and sophisticated look. Although they were installed in the dining or living room traditionally, you can install them in any room like the bedroom or kitchen to enhance the overall appeal. However, installing it can be a little tricky as it will look very awkward if you choose a size that is too large or too small for the space.

Chandeliers have become a very popular lighting fixture in modern kitchens. There are different types of chandeliers that you can use for different areas in the kitchen like the counters, kitchen island, or dining area. Depending on the dimensions of your space, you should select the chandelier. Also, you need to consider the type of ambience you want in the kitchen before selecting the chandelier. While some are suited for a modern and minimalist look, others easily blend in with industrial and vintage farmhouse kitchen designs. Mentioned below are a few kitchen chandelier ideas you should know:

1 ) A contemporary chandelier

modern kitchen designs feature many clean lines and geometric patterns. To complement this look, you need to install a chandelier that features contemporary designs. Choose a modern chandelier that comprises of a cluster of clear pendants. This will help you to make a statement while ensuring that a feeling of openness is maintained in an open kitchen.

2 ) Circular chandeliers

Two round-shaped large lights can be installed over the kitchen island to lighten up the space while maintaining proper balance in the kitchen design. Round-shaped chandeliers are a great option when you want to incorporate minimalism and simplicity in your modern kitchen design. They will also offer visual simplicity if you install them over the kitchen island or dining table. Install translucent orb pendant lights over your kitchen island to enhance the overall visual appeal of the interior home design.

3 ) Sputnik chandeliers

If you want a spunk look in the kitchen, you need to choose the right lighting fixtures for that. Many spunky chandelier designs are available for your modern kitchen design. You can choose a bold lighting fixture for your kitchen like a sputnik chandelier. Also, you will easily find many sputnik chandelier designs and styles in the market. Moreover, try experimenting with colours like install a gold sputnik chandelier if you have a coloured wall or table.

4 ) Clean and clear chandeliers

If you want a modern kitchen design that features simplicity and minimalism, you should opt for clean and clear chandeliers. To create a visual balance and light up the kitchen at the same time, choose a chandelier that features multiple translucent orbs. You can install them in traditional kitchen designs as well because the round shape adds a rustic vibe to the setup.

5 ) Type of material

While choosing a chandelier, you should always think about the type of material that is best suited for the kitchen design. Choose wavy or etched glass if you want a chandelier for a modern kitchen design. Wood looks very appealing in traditional interior home designs. Metal is preferred in a modern atmosphere but works great with traditional spaces as well.

6 ) Long and lean

Linear lines look great in kitchen designs that feature long and narrow counters or islands. Choose chandeliers that focus on minimalism and have lean and sleek lines with clean angles. This type of chandelier will help to add more depth to your setup and open and elongate the setup at the same time. Clean lines and linear patterns are one of the most evident signs of a contemporary and modern chandelier.

The aforementioned ideas will help you to choose the perfect chandelier for your kitchen. However, do not stick to these ideas only. You can always experiment with different colours, patterns, styles, and sizes to ensure that the kitchen follows a theme or design that reflects your style and personality.

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