How are Pier and Beam Foundations Repaired? (Common Methods Used)

Foundation repair is something that isn’t commonly talked about, especially the different types of methods out there. If you are getting a foundation repair sometime soon or are contemplating one, then you are in the right place. We’re going to go through how the pier and beam foundation is repaired. We’ll go through the common methods that are used to fix specific problems so you can get a bit more insight into the repair that will take place for your home. Let’s dive into this to find out how exactly pier and beam foundations are repaired.

What Are Pier And Beam Foundations?

First off, we’ll explain what a pier and beam foundation is. There are a lot of different kinds of foundations and they’re all repaired differently based on the type of foundation you have. Pier and beam foundation consists of concrete and stone being used to drive rebar and beams into the ground. The beams go deep into the ground until they hit bedrock and this makes up the foundation of the home. The home then rests on top of the pier and beam foundation allowing it to be fully supported and secure. 

How Do You Repair A Pier And Beam Foundation?

There are multiple methods that are used in order to complete pier and beam foundation repair. There are also many factors that go into choosing how exactly the pier and beam foundation will be repaired. We’ll go through the common methods used to repair a pier and beam foundation. 

Push Piers: Push piers are one of the most common methods used to repair a pier and beam foundation. This method consists of adding push piers underground into the soil and they are driven down until they hit “load-bearing soil” which just means that this soil is very strong to uphold the foundation. Once these piers are in place they will be jacked up which will lift the foundation back up and also stabilize the home. 

Helical Piers: Helical piers are another super common way to repair foundations. Helical piers are big metal piers that are shaped like a screw with a thread on them. This is then screwed and drilled into the ground until it hits harder soil. Then the house is jacked up and lifted back where it belongs. This repair method is best for low-weight homes or new construction homes. 

Support Jacks: Support or screw jacks are great for repairing a crawl space or pier and beam foundations. These jacks permanently lift up and support piers and beams that have settled or sank. They are drilled into the ground where a concrete footing is placed to help to keep your foundation settled. 

Maintaining Your Pier And Beam Foundation

Maintaining pier and beam foundations is important in ensuring that your foundation stays stable and strong. There are many different maintenance tips that can help you with keeping your foundation damage free and keep it from causing problems. Foundations are very important to upkeep, but not many homeowners know that which is what can cause some of the foundation issues that we see. Here are some of the best maintenance tips to help you with maintaining and keeping your pier and beam foundation intact. 

  1. Maintain a good drainage system: For a foundation to withhold and stay strong there must be a good drainage system to ensure there is no build-up of water. 
  2. Use moisture maintenance system: Using a moisture maintenance system is important because water can easily damage your foundation. Controlling the moisture in the air and surrounding places will ensure your foundation lasts much longer. 
  3. Do foundation damage checks: Checking for foundation damage on a regular basis will help to catch any problems as soon as possible. It allows you to identify and repair problems very quickly before they worsen and cause more complex issues. 
  4. Inspect the crawl space: If you have a crawl space then you should be inspecting it regularly. Crawl spaces are a great place for problems to take place such as foundation damage or water issues. Crawl spaces aren’t easily visualized and therefore get forgotten about, so inspecting them can save you in the long run. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, there are many different ways that you can repair a pier and beam foundation. Depending on the damages and where you’re located these methods might vary, but the repair will last a lifetime. Pier and beam foundations are usually repaired using some sort of jacking system or underpinning system. These types of repairs should always be completed by a professional because it is dangerous work that needs to be completed by someone who is experienced in that type of work. You should call a professional who does foundation repair to get an estimate on pricing and timing for your particular home and foundation. 

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