Everything you need to know about grooming

If you own a garden, then it is likely that its beauty is a matter of pride for you. After all, you would like your friends and neighbours to enjoy its visual pleasure. To enhance the appeal of your garden, you would have to groom it regularly. Grooming mostly refers to the processes involved in removing unwanted growth and keeping your plants in the size you desire them to be.

Best tips for grooming your garden

For those who are completely new to maintaining a garden, grooming might seem to be a challenging task. You might be confused about how exactly to go about it. Here are some of the tips which you might find handy.

  • Weed removal: Weeds need to be cleaned on a regular basis as they are usually a haven for various pests and diseases. Moreover, weeds would drain away the resources from the soil, which would otherwise be used by your plants. As a result, your plants would not be able to grow and flower properly.
  • Pruning: It is important to prune your plants to keep them in the desired shape. You might want to make sure that the top of your shrubs is not too wide compared to the base as it would prevent the base from receiving adequate sunlight. Try to remove the dead limbs to facilitate new growth.
  • Stump removal: While trees beautify your garden and offer shade, sometimes they need to be cut down due to potential hazards or growth in inconvenient places. In these cases, the stumps usually remain where they were. These stumps not only take up space, but also mess up with the beauty and theme of the garden. This explains why you would generally want to get the stump cut down to below the soil so that it rots and turns into mulch.

These are only some of the basic garden grooming tips which you can begin with. Once you start becoming more adept at it, you may go into the more detailed grooming process. However, you must keep in mind that you would require effective equipment.

Equipment’s you might need while grooming your garden

Proper and effective grooming requires the right tools. It is recommended to purchase them from branded manufacturers to assure quality and durability. Here are the tools you would want to have in your gardening kit:

  • Hand trowel: More like a miniature shovel, this is the tool you are likely to be using the most. A hand trowel is used to dig out weeds, enlarge holes in the soil and transplant flowers. There are two types of hand trowels, one with a narrow blade for weeding and another with a flat blade for digging.
  • Pruning shears: As the name suggests, pruning shears are used to prune the plants and shrubs. This is an important tool which you would need while trimming your plants. A good pruning shear from a reputed brand would stay sharp for longer and would have replaceable parts.
  • Scissors: These are simple household scissors made of aluminium. Like pruning shears, these are also used to trim the plants, but in much larger volumes. It is a versatile tool which you would certainly want to keep.
  • Spade or shovel: This is one of the most common gardening tools, used to dig the ground. You may also use it to mix fertilisers, manure, etc. into the soil.

Apart from these, there also several other tools, including bigger ones which you might need to rent as they are quite expensive. Unless you yourself are an expert, it is advisable to hire reliable garden grooming services. That way, you would be able to get the work done by professionals who have enough knowledge and experience in grooming your garden.

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