What Do You Have To Consider When Moving? The Moving Checklist

Are you planning to move? There are many things to consider when moving house with a moving company such as Alliance moving company for example- you certainly can’t keep them all in your head. It is clever to record the most important points in moving lists so that you do not lose track. In the following, we will provide you with a reliable moving checklist and address what you need to consider when moving about your electricity contract.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly when you move and that you feel at home in your new apartment on the day you move, there are a few things to consider when moving. This applies to the planning, which ideally begins several months before the move, the actual day of the move, and the first few weeks after moving into your new home. With the help of our checklist for your move, you can keep an eye on the essential points, such as re-registering with the authorities (e.g., residents’ registration office) or purchasing sustainable electricity. The checklist will also help you implement your move to your new apartment step by step and structured.

Pack Moving Boxes Properly

Moving is always the end of an old phase of life and the beginning of a new one. And here’s your chance to part with items and things you might not even know you had. You should only put in your boxes what you want to take with you into the new phase of life. The less you carry with you; the faster and cheaper your move will be. You can also donate many things that you may no longer need. What then ends up in your boxes should be sorted. Be careful not to overpack the boxes. You wouldn’t believe how heavy a book box can be. You can fill half-full boxes with blankets, clothing, or pillows, for example, so that the space is used optimally.

Do I Have To Register Gas And Water When Moving?

In addition to electricity, utilities also supply you with Gas and water. Here, too, the question arises: “What do I have to consider when moving?”. Gas must also be registered or re-registered by you for your new and old apartment. If you would like to continue purchasing Gas from your current supplier, it is sufficient to inform them of your new address in good time and send them your move-in date and the new meter number.

Sometimes your natural gas supply can become more expensive when you change your residence. For example, if you move to an area your current supplier does not supply, you must look for an alternative gas supplier and register your supply in good time (at least 8 weeks before moving).

If you fail to find an alternative supplier in good time, the automatic supply will take effect, as with electricity, once the default supplier has moved in. As with electricity, this is usually significantly more expensive than alternative providers. It is worth contacting your current provider in good time or switching in good time. It primarily depends on whether you rent a dwelling or own it when registering water. If you move into a rental property, the landlord is responsible for registering with the water supplier. The water costs are usually already included in the additional costs. If this is not the case, you have to register water yourself. However, these are mostly exceptions.

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