Shipping fragile items? Get the best packaging labels.

Do you have fragile items that need shipping? It is important to label the packages to prevent them from getting lost or being damaged.

Packaging labels.

There is a wide range of packaging labels to fit your needs and requirements. The fragile packaging labels should be of good quality with great sticking power and damage resistance. These packaging labels help you to reach a lot of clients. A good label should be:

  • Durable

It should be able to withstand harsh conditions and last longer.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Waterproof
  • Created from premium materials

This ensures that labels are of the best quality.

  • Easy to use and peel

It should be easy to remove the labels from the roll and attach on any surface.

  • Highly visible

Should be conspicuous and attract attention easily.

  • Weatherproof
  • Affordable

Should be cost-effective and of good quality.

  • Permanent self-adhesive.

Vinyl materials are more durable than paper. They make the labels fade-resistant, tear-resistant, durable and they are much thicker. Carriers may be working under pressure and may not want to damage your goods. To ensure that your fragile goods arrive safely, you should ensure your shipment is well packaged. Creating awareness that your shipment is fragile, will protect your package from any damage. These labels ensure your package is kept safe and handled well during transit. The fragile packaging stickers should have a removable adhesive sticker to easily move the labels without leaving glue residue on the package.


  1. Labels provide information and help promote your brand effectively.
  2. Creates awareness of the contents of the package hence protecting it from damage.

To provide high-quality labels, inks and materials used should be of a high standard. You can purchase a wide range of packaging labels online and get free delivery. The labels are printed in-house and with good quality materials to ensure high quality. These labels are ideal for:

  • Packages that need to be handled with care.
  • Products that can be damaged if not placed upright.

What to look for in a good label supplier

  1. Provides a wide range of labels.
  2. Offers free delivery.
  3. Customer satisfaction is a guarantee.
  4. Cost-effective and good quality.
  5. Locally based.
  6. Reliable and best quality products.

Available packaging labels

  • Fragile this way up
  • Glass handle with care
  • Do not open with a knife
  • Fragile handle with care
  • Do not stack
  • Please do not bend

Qualities of good fragile packaging labels

  1. Bright color.
  2. Easily readable text.
  3. Strong and durable.
  4. Eco-friendly.
  5. Oil-proof.
  6. Heat resistant.


Packaging labels have messages printed on them indicating the handling instructions. The labels should be easy to pill and well adhesive for easy use. A right-sized and good quality box should be used to package fragile items.  Using a bubble wrap and labeling the box as fragile with a durable and high-quality label protects your fragile package. The labels should be conspicuous to ensure the carriers are careful and avoid damage.

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