How do I know if my Windows are bad?

It is a natural phenomenon for the windows of a house to develop rust, cracks, wear and tear over due course of time. When windows become old, you will notice physicals signs of wear and tear. You can get it checked by a professional expert and move ahead with window replacement.

It will be visible through a simple visual inspection, and it will give you few indications of whether they are in bad condition or not.

Let us learn more about those signs that will inform you that your windows are bad.


The first indication if your windows are going bad then you may be hearing a lot of outside noises. The reason for this is the improper sealing or there is a gap in the windows. It is better to use double-glazed or triple-glazed glasses insulated with neutral gas for your windows as it offers better sound protection if your area is near a busy neighborhood or a busy road. All these signs indicate that you need window replacement for your home.

Opening and Closing Problem

This is a common problem that every window of a house faces at some point in time. The reason for this is that the hardware of the windows has become old, or it may become rusty.

Another problem of opening and the closing problem you may encounter is that your windows have default installation. This is the reason it makes it difficult for you to open, close, and lock the windows. Facing opening and closing problems along with locking issues may compromise the safety of your home in the future.

Draft coming from Outside

Apart from the above-listed problems, you may notice that sometimes you are feeling that the outside air is coming into your home. Although there are various reasons for this, out of those the common reason is faulty installation, improper working of the sealant, and so on.

If your windows are failing to prevent the outside draft it will affect the overall temperature of the room. Moreover, your HVAC will need to work more to keep you warm and comfortable along with the fluctuating temperature.

Water dripping

During the rainy season, the water starts to drip down inside of your home. This is a clear indication that the sealing of your windows is faulty. Water infiltration can make your windows rusty along with making them soft and chipped.

Besides, the chances of repairing them are also less in this situation, and you may have to choose a window replacement for your home.

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