Everything to know about Punaises

Punaises or Bed Bugs can be dangerous and a serious problem. As the name suggests, these bugs are tiny insects hiding inside the bed mattress and feeds on human blood for survival. But it’s not unexpected for them to hide inside old furniture or clothes. And it can be a huge trouble if one gets Bed Bugs in their home, for they can’t be treated with home remedies and require special treatment, which will be further discussed below.

How do I know if there are Bed Bugs?

It’s quite easy to check if Bed Bugs have infested one’s house. The first sign would be if any family members have noticed bites or rash bites on their skin which may not usually be like a mosquito bite, more in number, and persists longer than mosquito bites. The reaction time, though, is different for everyone. Some may have a quick reaction, while others may take a few days. The other way of checking for bedbugs is to look for any stains or marks. Checking for blood stains or black marks on the mattress, furniture, or clothes may also give one an idea about Punaises. While checking for them, one should keep in mind that they’re mostly present in clusters and roam around in groups.

There are various technical ways to identify bed bugs as well. But they usually may require assistance and should be opted if the ways mentioned above don’t work out.

How did I get Bed Bugs?

Many have this question, how did they get Bed Bugs in the first place. It’s important to know that Bed Bugs don’t appear all of a sudden; they’ve transmitted, so there high chances that they were carried along with you from outside somewhere. Even if one or two were carried along, it doesn’t take too long for them to multiply rapidly and take over every room in the house. It can also be possible if one is living in an old building and someone else has had bed bugs and spread through the entire building.

But the question now is, you’ve found there are Bed Bugs, and you now possibly know the reason how they infested the house, but how do you treat them?

As mentioned above, Punaises aren’t something that can be treated easily. They require professional treatments to be done by pest and infest management specialists.

Bed Bugs and dangers are considered one of the toughest jobs to get rid of and can be done only through professional help and assistance.

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