5 tips to prevent water damage to your home

Repairing water damage is a costly affair. Water accumulation can affect the wooden parts of your house. Moreover, in due course, it can cause the growth of mildews and molds. Thus, you can take some preventive steps to avoid moisture damages to your house. It will help you to save money in the future.

Check the best 5 tips to prevent severe water damage.

Keep your roof gutters clean –

Gutters blocked with dry branches, dead leaves, and birds’ nests will not effectively pass the water through your roofing system. During the rainy season, water on your roof will reach your basement due to the clogged gutter. The foundation of your house will get damaged. Thus, while cleaning your house, you must not overlook the rain gutters. Moreover, you must ensure that the downspout is about 1.8 m away from the foundation wall.

Schedule your appliance inspection regularly –

Read the guidelines set by your appliance manufacturers. Most manufacturers ask users to check the appliances regularly to avoid leakage. Modern appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, need a proper inspection.

Moreover, you must inspect the hose at least once every year. You may also replace the hose, when you find any signs of damage. Corroded, bulged, and cracked hoses need replacement. You have to replace them every 5 to 10 years. It is better to choose braided steel hoses, as they last longer. These sturdy hoses do not burst easily and are better than rubber models.

Plumbing systems must be in proper condition –

When you have noticed leakage signs, humidity problems, and molds in some places, you have to take steps for repairs. Do not pour greasy substances into your bathroom and kitchen sinks. Grease can clog your drain. A drain snake is a tool for unclogging it. But, do not use harsh chemicals, as they can damage the pipe.

Those who have installed a sump pump should check it occasionally. A battery-operated sump pump is a better choice to avoid any effect during the power outage.

The backflow valve helps in preventing the water flow from the main sewer line of the municipal regions. However, the valve must be in good condition.

Check water pressure regularly –

When the water pressure is very high, there may be cracks in your hoses and pipes. Purchase a water pressure measuring system and fit it to your faucet. The device will display the water pressure accurately. The standard water pressure is about 40 to 70 PSI. While the pressure is above 100 PSI, you can use a pressure regulator.

Install a water detector –

A small electronic water detector produces an alarm, while moisture contacts with its built-in sensor. It helps in detecting low moisture and slow leakage. Without this device, you cannot notice it easily. You may install it near sump pumps, water heaters, and other similar devices.

These are some preventive measures to fight against water damage. But, when your house is already flooded with water, you can look for water damage restoration services.

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