5 Important Window Maintenance Tasks to Consider

If you want to use your windows for a long period, you must never overlook the essence of maintaining the windows regularly. With proper maintenance, you will increase the lifespan of your windows without compromising their beauty.

So, if you are ready to maintain your windows, you must always consider these 5 important window maintenance tasks:

1.   Window cleaning

Undoubtedly, everyone knows that cleaning windows is important to their maintenance. Unfortunately, some people don’t usually clean their windows regularly while others don’t know the right way to clean their particular window type.

For wooden windows, cleaning should be done with dry clothing that can prevent moisture on the material. If you have fiberglass or vinyl window frames, you should get warm water, a soft brush, and a mild cleanser for cleaning them. For aluminum frames, you need specially formulated aluminum cleaning liquid and dry clothing.

2.   Repainting or staining

If your windows have wooden frames or any wooden parts, you must always repaint them. Generally, the original stain or paint of your windows will peel away after some periods. Unfortunately, this will expose the wood to moisture that can damage it.

Therefore, you should consider repainting or staining your wooden windows and frames. With this, the windows will maintain their beautiful appearance.

3.   Cleaning and lubricating of the moving parts

Most windows come with different moving parts. Unluckily, these moving parts can become stiff; hence, they will be difficult to operate. So, cleaning and lubricating the moving parts should be some of your window maintenance tasks. Notably, there is no one-size-fits-all schedule for cleaning and lubricating the moving parts. This is because exposure to dust, sand, winds, and other things affect how often you must clean and lubricate them.

While cleaning and lubricating these parts, don’t disassemble them. Also, you must avoid loosening the screws. Furthermore, wear gloves to protect your skin from rashes and burns that any direct contact with the lubricant can cause.

4.   Replacing or repairing the damaged parts

After using your windows for some periods, it is normal for some of their parts to be damaged. However, you must not hesitate to fix the damaged moving parts. In some cases, you may need a professional to just replace them. In other situations, the damaged part must be replaced with a newer one. Overall, timely replacement or repair of the damaged parts will prevent further deterioration of the windows.

5.   Window replacement

The last window maintenance task you must consider is window replacement. Irrespective of how often you clean, repaint, or lubricate your windows, the windows will still get old, faulty, or damaged. At this point, window replacement is important to maintain the good look and safety of your home.

When you are selecting replacement windows, go for energy-efficient ones that can assist you to reduce your energy bills.

By performing these window maintenance tasks, you will be able to use your windows for a long period without compromising the aesthetics, security, and safety of your home. Therefore, you must have a detailed plan for maintaining your windows and adhere to it.

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