What Exactly Is CFA Piling? What Are Its Benefits?

Ever heard of Continuous Flight Auger Piles? Also known as CFA piles, they are used in the construction business.

CFA piling is used to easily mount heavily loaded structures on the ground. Keep reading this post to learn more about what is a CFA piling and what are its benefits.

What Exactly Is CFA Piling?

When the topsoil or upper layer of the ground is not capable of bearing a heavy load, a concrete pile base is placed.

The concrete piles are of two types – bored piles and CFA piles.

A bored pile has a large diameter as compared to the Continuous Flight Auger pile. Also, the bored piles are meant for accumulating the heaviest of loads. Also, bored piles are used for infiltration of the ground and bypassing the impediments.

A CFA pile is best suitable for loads that lighter as compared to the ones bearable by bored piles. These piles are ideal for all types of soils and construction projects. Also, the solution is efficient and cost-effective in comparison with bored piles.

CFA piling is best suitable for soils that are collapsible or have a high water table. The temporary casing is not required if you are opting for CFA piling. The productivity rate of CFA piling is immense, which in the case of bored piling, is not.

What Are The Benefits Of CFA Piling?

As we have already known that CFA piling is more effective than boring piling, here are some outstanding benefits of CFA piling:

  • CFA pilings are easily mountable.
  • When it comes to light-weight structures, CFA piling is an effective solution.
  • By using CFA rigs, clients can have an efficient and safe solution from the contractors.
  • Backed by a knowledgeable and skillful team of professionals, CFA piling makes your project successful and ensures its completion on time.
  • If your project is in an urban developmental area, then CFA piling will be the perfect solution for you. It prevents disruptions and vibrations in the adjacent buildings and keeps them safe.
  • CFA piling is ideal for all types of projects and soil conditions.
  • CFA piling has a higher success rate. It also indicates that this is a commercially viable option.
  • The auger used in CFA piling has broader dimensions, which ensures the usage of construction materials efficiently.
  • The operational noise of CFA piling is low.
  • CFA piling is a no-vibration operation.
  • It is ideal for both residential and business projects.

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