Six Essential Items for Luxury Home-Owners

While a property itself can feel luxurious, it is the individual features and assets that give it true value. A home’s sense of worth is a sum of all parts. Historically, luxury has been demonstrated with swimming pools or private gyms, the type of assets found in Beverly Hills, and, while these do remain remarkably opulent features of a home, there are new contenders, many of which can easily be found outside of California decadence.

Wine Cellar

Wine does not need to be intimidating, nor does it need to be pretentious. In fact, just as brewing beer has become an endeavour of many new professionals, wine has followed suit. Now, there are a new wave of vineyards appearing around the world, bringing about a new wave of local, independent, and fascinating wines.

What does this mean for you? Well, wine cellars are no longer a huge investment. In fact, there are now many compact cellars available that can be installed beneath your kitchen floor, then fitted with reinforced glass, allowing your guests to admire the collection as you serve dinner.

Private Cabin

Promising you have the outdoor space, log cabins are a hugely popular feature now appearing in gardens. They are being used, not only as private stays for guests, but also as cinema rooms, private bars, and even home offices. So, if you want to create a secluded or secret location of luxury in your home, it may be worth considering your garden.

VR Room

Having a games room has often been a luxurious asset, especially those with pool tables. However, now they are featuring virtual reality set-ups instead.

You need a large amount of space, the more the better, to establish your VR experience and, depending on your budget, there are many ways to improve your digital fun, such as omnidirectional platforms. Once you have the technology installed, what you experience is your choice, limited only by your imagination!

Dressing Room

Walk-in wardrobes are cool. However, having an entire room dedicated to your style and clothing is even better. There are a huge variety of dedicated home design companies that can create a personalised dressing room for you, one that accommodates for your own tastes, whether that’s the extensive collection of a sneakerhead stacked across a wall or the digital security required for a valuable hypebeast collection.


Having a library isn’t just about owning a large number of books. It’s about their organisation and how they are kept. The pages of books, unless they are stored properly are prone to decay and, unfortunately, even smell, which is why the best libraries are also climate-controlled, regulating the humidity of the room. So, if you’re an avid reader, it may be time to take it seriously.

Photo studio

Having an online and personal brand requires content and having content requires a photo studio. If you’re an influencer or your life just happens to be worth sharing, consider creating a dedicated space that allows you to shoot high-quality photographs, each with professional quality lighting and design. Be sure to fill it with essential and iconic design features so that each photo is unique to your style and brand.

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