Renovations You Can Do to Accommodate the New Normal

The pandemic brings to our attention that the actions we make greatly affect everyone around us. While everyone is staying at home and keeping low while the nation weathers lockdown after lockdown, the essential workers and health care professionals are out there trying to maintain order. These modern heroes are doing the best they can to minimize the number of infections and deaths the country is continuously suffering as the months go by.

It is no secret that these overworked heroes still want to maintain some peace in their own lives. While they are giving everything they have got, we have to remember that most of these heroes are also normal people, trying to live their lives as they do every day even if they have a higher risk of infection from their jobs. How can the essential workers and health care professionals change up and renovate their homes to accommodate their dangerous lifestyle?

Constructing a Vestibule for Disinfecting

Because healthcare workers and essential workers are outside most of the time and mostly working in places where infections are more likely, it is essential for them to disinfect before coming inside to their place of rest. Building a small vestibule where they can dress down and disinfect their outside clothes is a great idea to prevent the virus from entering their homes. A little sealed box room outside the home where they can separate their outside, possibly virus-ridden, clothes is a must-have for these modern-day heroes.

Repurposing an Isolation Room

In case they get infected, dedicating an isolation room where they can spend 14 days in quarantine is a great idea. An isolation room should be stocked with the proper personal protective equipment, adequate ventilation, an access door for government officials and other healthcare workers to check up on the symptomatic, and a separate comfort room. Providing the isolation room with Wi-Fi or any other communication tool will help the isolated deal with being in lockdown for a few days.

Renovating a Cleansing Room

A dedicated cleansing room for those coming in from the outside is essential. The cleansing room is the transition area from being a possible carrier to the sanctuary of your own home. Consider contacting your local hot tub dealers and set up a proper bathing area to rest and relax. With a good and clean rub down, a hot bath and shower are just what outside workers need to be at peace inside their own homes. Most of these people are working for back to back shifts and more than 10 hours straight. Since most of their time is spent outside among the infected, having a dedicated comfort room where they can experience some relaxation before going in and co-mingling with their housemates is essential for their mental health.

Constructing Storage Rooms

Building small storage rooms where personal protective equipment is available and easily accessed is another project that essential workers can dip their hands into. Having a dedicated storage room only for COVID 19 related materials will help protect the items from being possibly infected. The virus can easily be transmitted by touching random surfaces. Keeping items away from random touches of hands that comes from outside will ensure they will be infection-free.

Integrating COVID safety protocols inside your home can be difficult. This is especially true now that everyone is keeping their expenses low. However, keeping the pandemic in mind for every move you make will greatly reduce your risk of becoming infected yourself. When we consider how we can curb the infection rate ourselves and integrate some protocol inside our homes, we can do our part and help the essential and healthcare workers in their frontline efforts against the virus.

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