Binance Reviews and Its Comparison to Other Broker

Cryptocurrency becomes trends in trading. Thus, people seek opportunity to trade in the crypto trading so they can gain profits. Because of its trends, many brokers now provide cryptocurrencies as one of the trading instruments available in the services. Many choices are available for traders. However, there are also traders specializing only in cryptocurrencies and Binance is one of them. This is not just ordinary crypto exchanges, but Binance has become one of the largest exchanges nowadays. That is why it is worth to check binance reviews so you know more about the exchange.

Binance has its headquarter in Hong Kong. It is popular among both seasoned and new traders who are interested in crypto trading and exchanges. Then, it has got positive reviews and ratings from many sources. Even, Traders Union give Binance 9.5 out of 10 as its score and it becomes top five of platform for crypto trading and exchanges. Thus, there is no worry in terms of credibility. It has some advantages offered to traders. One of them is its low commissions and traders can optimize its benefits in term of commissions by increasing the volumes. Then, it has nice performance for its platforms.

As what is mentioned, Binance is not the only platform for crypto trading and exchanges. Other choices are available and eToro is one of them. eToro is not specialized in crypto but it gives traders choices of other instruments. As for its crypto trading, it has eToroX to accommodate the crypto traders so they get more convenient. As for the comparisons, there are some interesting points to discuss regarding the differences of binance vs etoro. In term of regulation, eToro has better advantage in this. eToro as  a whole platform is regulated by two regulators and they are FINRA and SEC. Even, eToroX is also regulated by FSC in Gibraltar so it still operates and run its trading services under regulation. Meanwhile, Binance is not regulated.

Binance gets its advantages in term of trading conditions. In term of choices of cryptocurrencies and coins, Binance can outperform eToroX with its various choices so it is not only limited to the popular coins but alternative coins are also available. While eToro has only 28 cryptocurrencies, Binance offers up to 396 cryptocurrencies so the differences are huge between two of them in this aspect. Then, it offers lower minimum deposit. Binance only sets its minimum deposit at $10 but eToroX has its minimum deposit at $50. Both of them may still be considered having low deposit, but still it cannot be neglected that Binance has upper hand in this aspect.

As for its platform, Binance has more trading platforms. Traders can use three options, and they are the mobile, desktop, and web platform. Meanwhile, eToroX does not have desktop platform so it only has the web and mobile platform for trading. For some traders, it may not give significance difference, but it is still more convenient when there are more choices to use in trading. Next, Binance gives great leverage and it is much better compared to the one offered by eToroX.  With these advantages, it is clear that Binance has got better offers.

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