Arranging home office – how to do it?

Home office is more and more popular way of working whether you like it or not. If your employer wants you to start working from your home even partially, you need to arrange a good home office for yourself. Below we’ve collected some useful tips, thanks to which your working space will be comfortable, safe and well planned.

Find some space

First of all, if you are about to start working from home, you need to find a good spot for it. We are well aware, that home office might be a bit of a challenge, especially if you are a parent, because well, kids take a lot of space. Still, you have to squeeze in a good, comfortable space for yourself to work.

If it’s possible, try to pick a room, which isn’t occupied by your household members during your working hours. For example, if your partner and kids are at home in the mornings, the living room isn’t the best idea possible. Examples? An empty, not used room would be perfect, but let’s stay realistic. Consider your family member’s schedule and choose your living room, bedroom or, if you work when your children are at school – desk in their room.

A good desk

Good, comfortable desk is one of the home office equipment pieces you should definitely get for yourself. If you don’t have a lot of space at home, go for a foldable one – this way you will be able to stay as comfortable as possible during working hours and when the work is finished – you might just fold it.

Comfortable chair

Ergonomic chair is an absolute must have. Don’t try to worm on your kitchen chair or armchair: while it might be fun once or twice, for a longer period of time it will only make your back hurt. What is more, the pain isn’t the worst consequence of sitting in a wrong chair: by using an incorrectly chosen chair, you can also develop posture defects that are difficult to correct. Pay close attention to its ergonomy and the material used to make the chair.

Office supplies

Have you ever wondered, where all the pencils and notebooks at your office come from? Well, bad news: while we have no idea who used to be responsible for ordering them, we are pretty sure now it’s on you. Get the most important home office supplies: pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, calendars, folders and everything else that you have used so far. We are pretty sure you will forget about something (well, someone else was buying it so far!), but you can always get it online or in a stationery shop of Staples.

Other devices

You will probably also need some of other devices that might come in handy while working. Among those, don’t forget about a printer or multifunction device consisting of a scanner, printer and photocopier – as those are an important part of almost every office. You can also consider getting a set of headphones should you use one and an online webcam, if you know you will be attending to some meetings.

As you can see, equipping your home office is quite a challenge. Not to worry: you can get everything you need (and even more!) at https://www.staples.se/. Quick shopping online will make the whole transition way easier for you. Good luck equipping your home office!


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