5 Cosy Interior Designs That Exemplify A Cottagecore Aesthetic

Those familiar with interior design trends, or who have seen the growing popularity of floral and twee designs online, may well be aware of cottagecore. What started out as one of the many niche aesthetics, such as regencycore and dark academia, has become one of the most celebrated and influential visual styles of the 21st century. Now, growing beyond clothing and photography, cottagecore aesthetics have become celebrated by the interior design scene.

The aesthetic is built upon rural elegance, with a nostalgia for simpler times, those encapsulated generally by rural life. There are elements of hygge too. So, if you’re a fan of floral prints, raw cotton fabrics, wicker baskets, candles, and exposed woods, then cottagecore home design might be for you!

Floral Tiles

Instead of block colour tiles, especially those of millennial pink and dark emerald, popular bathroom designs are now gravitating toward elegant and intricately designed floral tiles, those that are emblematic of the cottagecore style. Light tiles with neutral colours and tones allow delicate designs to stand out without overwhelming a space, creating a sense of calm and tranquillity associated with nature.

Fabrics Everywhere

Bespoke fabrics, those made with stylish designs and of raw materials like wool, cotton, or hessian, are wonderful features that can elevate a home’s connection to the countryside. Kitchen cupboards, for example, can be concealed not by doors but by fabric curtains, known as kitchen skirts. Tables and surfaces can also be covered with handsome tablecloths or even twee features like doilies.

Woods & Timber

Cottagecore is underpinned by an affection for natural materials, which is why the most stunning examples of cottagecore homes are designed, most often, with beautiful timber. Woods can be brought into a home in a number of ways, whether as an embellishment, such as a window display, or as part of a larger structure, such as with log cabins.

This trend also extends to flooring and cottagecore homes should primarily choose wooden floorboards over any variation of carpet. These hard surfaces can then be softened with high-quality rugs.

Feature Furniture

Large and feature furniture pieces, such as cabinets, may seem bulky and cumbersome at first, however, they are confident features that can easily capture fantastic cottagecore design. Such furniture is generally made from heavy wood, such as oak, and has been handmade. If you can find a dresser or cabinet, for example, one that has subtle embellishments, then you’ve got the ideal piece for a statement room design.

Introduce Nature

Nature is one of the most important aspects of a cottagecore home and it should be introduced in as many ways as possible within a home. This could be in the form of natural light, with large windows or barn-style doors, or even with houseplants, those that decorate each corner of a room. Nature can also manifest as biophillic design, with an emphasis on curvature and soft shapes, especially over the more severe edges associated with industrial and manufactured designs.

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