Do You Require Emergency Tree Removal ( 7 Red Flags to Look for)

Are you in dire need of tree removal services, but don’t know if your tree is beyond hope? There are many signs that tell you whether or not you require emergency tree removal services and this article will help you identify them. Here are 7 red flags to look for before calling a tree service company.

Branches Over the Roof

If you notice branches near or overhanging your roof and are unable to prune them back safely, it’s time to seek out emergency tree removal services. Branches that hang too low can damage gutters, cause water leakage in your home and even break through shingles if they become too heavy. It is important to remove any hazardous trees as soon as possible before they cause more damage than necessary.

If you have noticed these red flags, contact a professional arborist immediately.

This may seem like a minor tree trimming task, but failure to take action can result in major damage. An arborist will be able to diagnose any issues your trees are experiencing and decide if they need emergency removal. If you notice branches near or overhanging your roof and are unable to prune them back safely, it’s time to seek out emergency tree removal services. Read more about emergency tree removal here.

Roots Breaking Sidewalks and Driveways

Roots from a tree’s expansive network of underground roots can grow and expand outward. If you notice your driveway or sidewalk crumbling as a result of these expanding roots, then you likely have an unhealthy or even dying tree. You might also be in need of emergency tree removal if your yard is regularly flooded by a stream that once trickled past with no trouble at all. This is a strong indication that roots are blocking its natural path, which can lead to severe erosion and flooding problems if left unchecked.

While tree roots generally don’t pose a serious threat to homes or structures, they can still be troublesome. If you suspect that your home is being threatened by these stubborn and invasive structures, call a professional as soon as possible. There are a number of excellent tree companies in your area that specialize in emergency services and who are trained and equipped to remove problematic trees. Postponing maintenance will just make matters worse, so it’s best to act while you still have time.

Branches Up Against Fences

If branches are pressing against fences, porches or walkways, it could be a sign that tree roots have grown too large and need removing. In addition, if branches appear dead or damaged, you might need emergency tree removal. Before hiring a tree service, be sure to check if your insurance covers damage caused by overgrown trees.

Fallen Trees Damaging Property (Driveway, Walkway, etc.)

If you’ve got a tree that’s leaning or has fallen over, it can pose a huge risk not only to your property but also to people and animals nearby. Falling trees are always an emergency situation—the longer you wait, the more potential damage you have. No matter how large or small your fallen tree may be, seek professional help immediately. It’s important to remember that not all landscaping companies are created equal; if you choose a company based on price alone, chances are they won’t do as good of a job as someone who is licensed and insured. As with most things in life, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Tree Limbs in Electric Lines or Power Boxes

Make sure all limbs are removed from power lines and poles. Branches that break off of trees and land in power boxes can be extremely dangerous. These branches must be removed immediately, so consider calling a professional tree service if you are unsure of how to remove them yourself. Power outages or shock hazards can occur when handling these branches, so make sure your family is safe at all times. Also, remember that electricity travels through anything it touches; even if you don’t see any sparks or hear any crackling sounds, assume there is still electricity running through it.

Trunk Rot

This is by far one of our top red flags that a tree is in need of removal. When soil remains moist and wet, trees are not able to fully breathe and fend off disease. Trunk rot can eventually turn into a hollowed-out trunk that may be dangerous or weak enough to fall over on its own accord. If you suspect your tree is infected with trunk rot, do not try treating it on your own. Contact tree care experts ASAP!

Leaning Tree

Many homeowners find that trees around their home can be quite beneficial, providing a place for birds and wildlife to nest as well as helping maintain overall property value. However, they can also become a major threat if they fall during high winds or get old and weak. If you’re having issues with your tree, it’s time to perform emergency tree removal services. Although all trees are prone to damage at some point in their lifespan, there are red flags that should make you seriously consider performing emergency tree removal.

A tree is at risk of falling when it has been uprooted, there are holes in its trunk or branches, its bark has been torn or ripped off and its roots have been damaged. If you notice one or more of these signs around your tree, it’s time to get it removed as soon as possible.

Dangers of Leaving Trees That Need Removed

Property owners have an obligation to care for trees on their land. If left unchecked, neglected trees can cause damage and injury. However, in extreme circumstances, some trees require immediate removal even if there is no immediate danger. To determine whether your situation requires emergency tree removal, there are several warning signs you should watch out for.

Cutting down and removing a tree costs an average of $400 to $1,200 with each job being unique. Factors that go into the removal cost includes whether you need stump grinding and disposal, whether there are multiple trees on your property or just one, if it is near power lines or other obstacles, how tall it is etc. With safety being the top priority, don’t let a high one time cost deter you from keeping your family and property safe.

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