How To Stop Rats From Getting In Through The Drains?

Rats and pests can be disgusting when you start witnessing your things and food supplies getting spoiled by them every day. Even though we have been trying to find new ways to eliminate these problems from our homes for years by using rat flaps and different rat killer sprays, we still do face them again and again repeatedly. So what’s the way to get rid of them?

Can rats walk in through the drainage pipes?

Absolutely yes! Rats quite often do enter your house area through the drain pipes. As it is having a flexible body, it can easily enter through bends and small spaces. But before trying to kick them out of your place, find out why they are getting in.

In most cases, they take shelter in those places which provides them with the necessary things to survive. And when it comes to rats, it needs a small amount of food and water every day. As the drains are the perfect places where they can get regular water constantly. Even though we cannot kill all the rats in your neighborhood, we can try to stop them from entering through the drains by using a rat blocker.

Top Tips For Preventing Rats From Entering Your House

  • Clean the places where you feed your pet as soon as they are done with their meals and make sure to store the foods in metal containers or an air-tight container.
  • Clear the garbage bins from time to time and keep the trash bags out of your house in a container with a tight lid.
  • Keep the food contents and supplies in a glass container or in a metal one that has a tightly fitted lid.
  • If you are having any house plants or even a small garden, make it a point to clean debris and waste products and keep a rat flap somewhere hidden there as in most cases the rats prefer to hide in the trash that has not been cleaned in a while.

It is always recommended to sort out the issues with rats before they end up developing a large infestation in your property. And try to figure out some time to clean the areas around your house and get rid of their burrows if they have made any. They are a master in swimming through the drainage pipes. So either install a rat blocker at a convenient place or repair a broken pipe system immediately.

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