3 Top Locks voted by Landlords

Doors act as barriers between the things you love – your family and belongings – and the outside world. They are a strong deterrent against potential thieves, but they’re only as useful as the lock you fit them with. Although burglary is on the decline in recent years, it’s still a good idea to have the best locks fitted to your doors to ensure security and safety in the home.

In this article, we’re going to look at the 3 top locks voted by landlords to help you make the right buying decision when it’s time for you to purchase a lock for your door.

The best multi-point locking system

Multi-point locking systems are a great option for both front and back outside doors. They are key-operated locks that are affixed to the body of the door and lock directly into the door frame for added strength. When the lock is on, there are multiple points of locking that typically use bolts or latches to create a lock in the door frame. There are anywhere from two to five different locking points with these systems. These lock types are typically found on UPVC and composite doors for the front and rear of a property. They are also found on some patio doors, but this is less common.

Landlords voted the Winkhaus Cobra 4 hook as their top choice for locks, thanks largely to its great price point and strength. You can easily buy winkhaus locks at Multipoint Locks

The best mortice deadlock

A mortice deadlock offers a reasonable defence against break-ins for the main doors of a property. It’s a standard deadlock system that’s lockable from both sides of the door and is sometimes used as an additional layer of protection as a night latch. These locks are usually affixed to timber doors and require a key to lock and unlock.

Landlords voted the Samson Surelock as their top pick for mortice deadlocks.

The best mortice sash lock

Mortice sash locks blend latches and deadlocks together to create a strong lock that is very difficult to break into. They function very similarly to mortice deadlocks and require a key to lock and unlock the door. It can be locked or unlocked from both sides of the door too. The latch of the sash lock works via door knob or handle, and in many designs, the keyhole is covered with an escutcheon.

Landlords voted the TSS Euro mortice sash lock as their top pick for its versatility, ease of use and strength.

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