Best Ways to Keep the Pestering Pests at Bay 

Pests could be big trouble for your home. They could cause medical and monetary loss due to their ability to cause infection and diseases. Despite you having the option to hire pest control in Austin, TX, you may wonder how to keep the pestering pests at bay. 

  • Rinse recyclables 

Similar to litter or trash, it would be recommended to keep recyclables in a bin or container featuring a tight-fitting cap or lid for preventing any kind of pests looking for leftover food residue. 

Most areas would only provide recyclable bins to their residents. If it is relevant for you, ensure you carefully rinse all the leftover food and oils from your recyclables before placing them in the bin. 

By providing clean recyclables, it could assist you in keeping the bins and your home free of pests. If possible, consider placing the bins away from your home instead of placing them inside the building or in the garage. 

  • Seal windows and doors 

Pests could crawl through the tiniest of gaps and cracks in the home. It could lead to a bug or rodent infestation. Ensure to repair and assess any broken windows or doors regularly. Consider replacing or fixing any windows or doors that do not fit well and provide a way of entry. 

If you come across any tears or rips in the screens, ensure to repair or replace them promptly. Using screen mesh sizes for shielding your home from any pests. Such mesh screens would often be made available at home and hardware stores. 

  • Clean your home regularly 

Having a cleaner house would attract the bugs less. Homeowners should keep their houses clean regularly. It would entail mopping, vacuuming, washing dishes, and other household chores. When you do this, you would disturb any spots where pests might consider making a home or entering your home. 

Cleaning up crumbs and small pieces of food from your kitchen assists in reducing your chances of pest infection. With regular cleaning, you are more likely to close any potential entrance to your home for pests. 

  • Check for gaps and cracks 

Windows and doors are not the only places in your house that have small openings for pests to explore and enter your home. It would be in your best interest to make a habit of assessing the entire exterior of your house for gaps, cracks, and crevices that pests could crawl through into your home. 

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