Top 7 Beach House Interior Design Ideas

Deciding on a theme for your interior design can be difficult. However, there is one thing no one can deny: beach house designs are always laid back. As such, they are perfect if you want to feel relaxed in the space you are decorating. The typical beach style might not suit everyone’s taste, but fortunately there is a lot more to beach house interior design than crab print or coastal wall art. So, to help you out we have put together a list of the top 7 beach house interior design ideas, and we hope you like them.

  1. Texture layering

To start it off, the basis of almost any beach house interior design idea is layering up on textures. It doesn’t necessarily have to all be white and blue stripes, as long as the colors and textures layer on top of each other. Rugs, wall hangings, cushions even accessories like baskets can all be incorporated into the design as long as the colors and textures are layered in a relaxing way. After all, beach house designs rely on one thing: being relaxing. The texture layering technique is, notably, quite popular in Florida beach houses. Although, if you are working with a big space, you will also want to think about strategies for how you can decorate a sizable living area.

large room with white furniture

Layering textures is a very important part of designing a beach house interior, and makes for a relaxing space when done right

  1. Blue hues

While we may have said that these interior designs aren’t all about blue stripes (and that is still the case) blue hues help a lot with bringing in a seaside feeling. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, simply adding a few accent pieces like cushions which are blue or a blue carpet to add an accent to the floor is perfect to make the room more inviting. As long as you don’t go overboard, this is the perfect way to make the space more appealing. Relying on blue hued accents is a style which shows up quite a bit in beach houses around Florida especially.

  1. Simple lines and tones of comfort in furniture

Clean lines are, to put it simply, very pleasing to look at in general. Going a step further and getting furniture in colors which are considered comforting is the best way to go about designing your beach house interior. The classic, of course, is a blue and white color palette. Whitewashed walls and a pale floor mixed with light grey cushions and a deep blue sofa, all with wooden flooring for accenting. This look has become almost synonymous with beach houses. This also works for outdoor furniture in a beach home, and you should consider why wood is your best bet for outdoor furniture in general.

interior of large beach house

Simple lines and comfortable homes are an excellent way to make a space more relaxing.

  1. Pastel paints for the walls

Beach houses, typically, rely on light colors to bring on a relaxing atmosphere. As such, pastel colors are the perfect way to get a beach house look. A new coat of paint in a very light, gentle color such as a cream or maybe duck egg blue is the perfect choice for your walls in a beach house. This goes for any room in the home, as it sets the beach tone on top of which you can then build on.

  1. Upcycle your furniture

If you don’t want to spend the money on getting brand new furniture, then upcycling your old furniture is a great choice. There are very easy ways to upcycle your furniture to get the white washes, shabby chic look which is vital to beach house interior design. Once you’re done with this process, all you need are a few coastal accessories to complete the look. Additionally, if you are just moving into a beach house, this is something you can do immediately after you move in. However, experts from City Movers warn that you should be very careful with your furniture during the moving process, especially if you are moving into a Florida beach house. It’s very easy for furniture to get damaged during a move, so you should pay extra attention to it and rely on experts to get the job done.

beach house kitchen

Upcycling your furniture is a great way to get the beach house feel without buying new pieces.

  1. Coastal display in the kitchen

No beach house kitchen is complete without a coastal display in it. It’s quite simple: add a piece of glass-front or open cabinetry and use it to display coastal accessories. Things such as wicker baskets, glass bottles or, if you want to take it a step further, driftwood sculptures and rattan lanterns. However, if you have children, keep in mind some family-friendly décor tips as well. All in all, this idea is much easier than whitewashing your entire kitchen. Also, it can help break the monotony if the rest of your beach house uses the whitewashed style.

  1. Outdoor living room

You can’t get more “beach house” than setting up a living room in your garden, or on your porch. That said, setting up an entirely new living room isn’t exactly a small task. You have to consider furniture and decorations all over again. However, this is the perfect chance to break some of the monotony some beach houses have. If everything is done in the same style, it tends to get boring. So, consider making your outdoor living room in a completely different style to the indoor one. This way, your home’s overall design isn’t going to be boring and you get a beautiful space in your garden to relax.

Top 7 beach house interior design ideas – closing thoughts

When you think beach house, usually you think white, blue and grey. And there is a good reason for this: it looks good and brings in a relaxing atmosphere, which is perfect for a beach house. However, your interior design doesn’t have to just be about blue and white stripes and wicker decorations. There are many ways to get a beach house feel without relying on the same old tricks too much. We hope you found this list of the top 7 beach house interior design ideas helpful, and we wish you a good day.

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