Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture for Tiny Apartments

With the increasing population in cities, townhouses are smaller than ever before. More often than not, we are all faced with the decision of arranging that tiny space. How do you fit your items in a limited space and have it looking superb? Luckily, there are various bedroom furniture ideas to try out. If renting the BRIO at the Rose Apartments in Broken Arrow, these will decorate your space and create additional storage space.

  1. Twin beds

Not everyone loves twin beds, but they are handy for tiny rooms. They work well for kids’ rooms or guestrooms and will allow additional floor space. They are excellent choices for kids who love play and will leave ample space for other necessary furniture pieces.

  1. Foldable desk

Most people carry office work home, and a desk is a necessity in the bedroom. But, this can be tricky when you have limited space. If you must have a desk in your tiny bedroom, fitting in a bulky piece is the last thing to think of. Choose a foldable desk that you can fold and store after use.

  1. Minimalist nightstand

Minimalist nightstands are unique pieces for the bedroom. They are an excellent way of keeping your nightstand in your tiny bedroom without utilizing much space. You can also go for a plant stand; it’s tall and narrow and will also serve the purpose.

  1. Tall dresser

Conventional dressers are bulky and will leave your space cramped up. They usually feature two sets of stacked drawers for more storage space. If you need a drawer that won’t take much of your area, acquire a tall dresser; it uses the room’s height and is space-saving.

  1. Storage bed

 Having a bed and some drawers in tiny bedroom leaves no space for your other items. Why not acquire a storage bed, and get a drawer for your accessories. You can confuse a storage bed with other types of beds. But it comes with a big storage drawer, which allows for additional storage space without compromising on style.

  1. Under the bed storage drawers

Instead of a dresser, invest in a few drawers and put them under your bed. Use them to store most of your items, which helps declutter your room. What’s more? These drawers give you adequate space for storing your clothes, and you can slide them in or out when need be.

  1. Ottomans

 To free more space in your bedroom, opt for furniture pieces that serve two or more purposes. And this is what ottomans make perfect choices. Go for a storage ottoman; it will allow you to store your books and fit your beddings instead. If it comes with a cute tray, then this is a plus. It will enable you to keep your items on top, which minimizes clutter in your tiny room.

A quick wrap up

Furnishing your bedroom with high-quality pieces enhances the look of your space. But, with a small apartment, your choices are quite limited. Choose furniture that doesn’t use up a lot of space. Consider things like storage shelves for your under-bed or a twin bed for the kids.

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